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How to Remove a Received Message on WhatsApp

We've all been there: receiving messages on WhatsApp that we'd prefer to erase, be they sensitive details, private communications, or simply content we no longer want to keep. Fortunately, WhatsApp empowers us to protect our privacy by allowing the deletion of received messages. If you're looking to clear messages from your chat, follow this easy and effective guide.

  • Access the Chat
    Begin by opening WhatsApp and selecting the conversation with the message you intend to remove.
    access the chat
  • Identify the Message
    In the chat, find the specific message you've received and wish to erase. Press and hold it for a few seconds until you see a colored outline around the message, indicating selection.
    identify the message
  • Tap the Trash Bin Icon
    With the message selected, look towards the top of the screen for a trash bin icon. Tap this icon to begin the deletion process.
    tap the trash bin icon
  • Confirm Deletion
    Now, finalize the removal by clicking on "Delete for Me". Upon confirmation, the message will be erased from your chat, leaving no trace in the conversation.
    confirm deletion

Message deletion is a vital tool for safeguarding your privacy and that of your contacts.

Remember to use this feature judiciously as once messages are deleted, they are irretrievable.

Keep in mind, while the message will disappear from your device, it remains visible in the chat history of the sender and other group chat members.

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