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Clearing a Chat in WhatsApp

Learn how to efficiently clear a chat in WhatsApp, keeping it in your chat list but removing all its content:

  1. Entering the Chat
    Launch WhatsApp and tap on the 'Chat' section to see all your active conversations.
    Open chats
  2. Choosing the Right Chat
    Scroll through your chats to find and open the one you want to clear.
    select the chat
  3. Accessing the Main Menu
    Inside the chat, click on the main menu icon, usually represented by three dots in the upper right corner.
    open the main menu
  4. Selecting 'Clear Chat'
    In the main menu, select the 'Clear chat' option. If it's not immediately visible, click on 'More' to locate it.
    select clear chat
  5. Executing the Clear Action
    WhatsApp will prompt you to confirm by pressing 'Clear Chat' again. To remove all associated media (like photos and videos) in the chat, ensure the 'Delete media in this chat' option is selected.
    Clear the chat
  6. Confirmation of Cleared Chat
    Your chat is now cleared and will appear empty of any messages.
    the chat is empty

This method ensures your chat remains in your conversation list but devoid of any previous content, including messages and media, should you opt to delete them.

For complete removal of the chat from your conversation list, refer to our separate guide on deleting a chat in WhatsApp.

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